Sumatra need your help after earth quick ?

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Our team Calvary Chapel will got to sumatra , e

What our team can do in Padang :

· Medical team: we have doctor and nurse ready to help people in Padang .

· Kitchen: we have people can cook for refugee.

· Kid traumatic teaching. We have teacher who can teach song, coloring, helping trauma for kid.

· Distribute rice,noddles, clothe, stuff for bath and etc

· Massage. We have people who can do massage. ( much help for trauma )

· MCK. We have experience to build MCk/Toilet. ( but need much material, but we have people who can set up this )


2 thoughts on “Sumatra need your help after earth quick ?

    jewelry online store said:
    Maret 2, 2010 pukul 5:54 am

    Thank you for giving such an informative website. This weblog happens to be not just knowledgeable but also be very imaginative too.I will keep coming back !!

      victorhutapea responded:
      Maret 11, 2010 pukul 12:16 pm

      Hello, Thanks for your comment. I will try to make more imaginative.
      But this time i can not able to do that because we very busy to help other people.
      Thanks for your that.
      God bless

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